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Ostirodler, the alpine coaster, summer sledge

Try the thrilling ride on a summer sledge, running down the way with high speed.  A unique experience for the whole family, children and adults alike.

Lienzi osttirodrel

Experience a thrilling ride on one of the most spectacular and longest Alpine coasters in the world! It runs down 2,7 km long through green forests, with plenty of waves, curves and loops to raise your adrenalin.  We can find a high wire park and a petting zoo in the proximity.  It is 15 km from the hotel at the entrance of the town of Lienz, at Hochstein!

Open: May to October

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Prices: Child 1 ride: 4.80 Euro, 10 rides: 35 Euro

Adult 1 ride: 9 Euro, 10 rides: 60.50 Euro

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Aßling alpine coaster

The Aßling alpine coaster is 30 km from the hotel, it is a 560 meters ride and is located next to the Aßling wildlife park.


Child              1 ride: 4 Euro            daily ticket: 24 Euro

Adult              1 ride: 5 Euro            daily ticket: 29 Euro

1 Child+1 Adult combined daily ticket: 34 Euro

Open: April-September daily, October weekends

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