Ice skating

Ice skating

Near the hotel there is a variety of places for ice skating, whether artificial or natural, on a lake or in an ice skating stadium.

Eisstadion Huben

Hubeni Eisstadion located 2-3 km from the house, this is the home ground of the local hockey team.

Saturday and Sunday, it is open for free skating between 13:00 and 15:00.


Lienz and the lake of Tristachersee

There is a small ice skate rink in Lienz and it is also possible to skate on the lake of Trischtachersee when the ice is more than 20 cm thick.

St. Jakob, Sillian, Matrei-Kals

There are other ice skate rinks in Matrei, Kals, St Jakob and Sillian.

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