Our philosophy

We are convinced that man cannot be independent of nature, but is an integral part of it, and that we must live together with our nature in harmony.

There are many things we do not and will not understand in relation to our World, but we all know and feel that there is no other world, there is no other natural medium in the universe, suitable for men to live. It is a huge responsibility how to live our everyday lives to create harmony with ourselves and with nature, as part of a sustainable civilization. It’s not just the so-called environmental protection,

it is about respecting nature, finding our own place as well as creating our harmony with it.
We are willing to do everything that our team can do backing this process.

Fortunately, the time we spend in the nature with sports is a perfect way to feel the oneness with the World. The area offers a miraculous environment and a great variety of opportunities to achieve this goal. We hope that the time spent with us will freshen your body and soul alike, and you return home fresh with new ideas.


In and around the Sportland Inn, we give preference to the natural and sustainability issues in using energy and raw material, as well as in the field of waste management.

It does matter what we do individually, but only together we can achieve visible results.

Therefore, we ask you, to support our work and our World – not only in Tyrol, but everywhere, naturally at home as well.

Thank you