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Wild water: rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning

The Isel glacier river, that is one of Austria’s most exciting waterways, is running down in a stunning environment, right next to the Sportland center.

The two highest glaciers the Grossglockner (3798 m) and the Groosvenediger (3666 m) feed the river, so to ensure stable water flow throughout the season, required for whitewater sports.


According to the whitewater classification, the Isel river has runs from WW I – VI., that means from easy to the most difficult stages, providing opportunities from beginner to advanced programs.

Whitewater scale WW I-VI:

I.          very light water, sudden turns, few obstacles

II.        light, small waves and rapids

III.       medium, there are many obstacles, irregular waves, must be good in maneuvering

IV.       difficult strong rapids, smaller waterfalls, it is complicated to find the way

V.        very difficult with difficult strong rapids. The shore exploration is essential. Recommended for experts only!

VI.      almost impassable, the smallest mistake can have fatal consequences.

Note that the difference between the levels does not increase gradually, for example: to step from II to III it is much easier than from IV to V!

During rafting and kayaking we descend in rubber boats on the winding rough whitewater while trying to paddle to keep the boat straight in direction.

The 2-3 seated boats are called whitewater canoes and we call rafts, the larger multiple seated boats. The rafting tours are always guided and secured by a local guide with license and experience.

The canyoning is practically a wet hiking and adventure tour. With the water rushing between steep cliffs at high speed, we descend in the narrow valleys, canyons or jump down the waterfalls.

The equipment is partly the same as for climbing, static or semi-static ropes, helmets, neoprene suit, life jacket and specially designed shoes. In such a tour, it really feels close to the beauty and power of nature while we relive being a child.

If you are crazy about whitewater and you want to feel yourself even closer to the river, you can try a hydrospeed tour!

The equipment consists of an air-filled plastic board, a life jacket, a helmet, a pair of fins and a neoprene suit. Lying on the hydrospeed board you can control yourself by using the fins. We must swim all the way long, otherwise helplessly drifting with the tide, so the hydrospeed is one of the sports that demands your best body condition.  The hydrospeed tours are always guided and secured by a licensed and experienced local guide.


Together with our “water partner” we offer various tours and facilities, the Adrenalin Outdoor Sports, that is located directly at the hotel.

We can arrange tours and the rental of all equipment required with English/Hungarian/German/Dutch speaking tour guide on demand.

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